Travel consulting

You are clear that you want to do the trip 100% on your own but you can’t find the information you need?

You’re lucky! We are used to travelling around Kenya on our own, we know the best tricks and we have quality and real time information that you won’t find no matter how much you continue browsing the blogosphere. And the best part is that we’re going to share all that with you. In countries like this, having reliable and first-hand information will save you time, money and the odd scare. Therefore, we offer you this consulting service to help you travel on your own in Kenya. The objective is to make the path easier for you and let you live your own adventure (and tell us about it later!)

Remember that we live in Nairobi, so you can count on us for any help you may need once you are here, you will have us very close! Feel free to contact us to receive more information about this service.

You are one step closer to living the adventure of your life!

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