Safaris in Kenya

At Kitambo we want you to be the protagonist of your own adventure in Kenya, that’s why all our trips are private: you manage the times and choose who to share it with.

We design each trip from scratch, completely tailor-made, combining your tastes with our experience. We avoid closed itineraries, if each traveler is different, there can’t be two equal trips!

We want you to be thrilled to see the most beautiful wild animals in the world in complete freedom. We want you to lose your breath when approaching the mane of a lion and to stop blinking in the presence of an elephant family. We want you to admire the elegant walking of giraffes and enjoy watching the herds of wildebeest and antelopes filling the plains of the savannah.

We work with expert safari guides who will go the extra mile to ensure that you don’t miss a single hoof or claw.

Get to know the culture

But that’s not all, we’ve already told you that Kenya is much more than safaris! Therefore, we combine wildlife viewing with approaching experiences to Kenya’s culture, cuisine and population.

Bargain in local markets, ride on a piki-piki (motorbike), try the most typical dishes and challenge yourself to learn their recipes. We will introduce you to local projects, share moments in villages away from tourism and teach you ancient tribal knowledge. You may want to take part in a gospel mass or you may want to enjoy the Kenyan nightlife. The options are endless!

Where to sleep in Kenya

Days are so intense in Kenya that at nightfall you’ll want to recharge your batteries and rest. Therefore, we carefully select the accommodations we work with and do not offer any option that we have not personally visited first. That way, we can be sure that they are exactly what you need.

If you want to LIVE and taste Kenya to the fullest but at your own pace, we make it possible! We will design together the perfect combination so you can enjoy the real Kenya to your liking.

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